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“Not all
packaging supplies
are created equal’

(From an early draft of the Declaration of Independence)

About our Packaging Supplies

Utilizing innovative tools like the Packaging Wizard, which employs a knowledge database to recommend the best products for the user’s needs, Packaging Central offers a level of service that you just can’t get from the catalog giants. We offer a wide range of packaging supplies such as Packaging Tape, Stretch Wrap, Poly Bags and more…

Packaging Tape

Packaging Central is dishing out mad knowledge to help you save money on packaging tape. Isn't that so nice of us? Learn More

Stretch Wrap

Going on 50 years of industry experience, we've got the skinny on stretch wrap. Or the low-down. The 4-1-1. Information. FREE. What are you waiting for? Learn More

Poly Bags

Of course you don't mind paying more than you need to for your poly bags… or do you? We can help with that. Learn More

Packaging Wizard

No magic tricks here, just good old-fashioned know-how crammed into a program designed to help you find the right packaging products for you. Learn More

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